Today the chandelier in the Chandelier Gallery shines brightly for the strong survivors of 9.11

I typically acknowledge an event at Canary Gallery by not lighting the chandelier in the Chandelier Gallery. Today, however, the chandelier is shining as brightly as possible to uplift the survivors of 9.11.

As many of you know, my family are lawyers by trade. One of the cases we continue to protect is that of The 9.11 Widows and Children* as they refer to themselves. The children are no longer children; they are attending college and generally making this world a better place notwithstanding their losses. The Widows continue to make their mark in Congress, organizing Foundations memorializing their losses and creating the most tranquil, lovely gardens in loving memory of their loved ones.

And so, though the Widows and Children are in my heart daily, today, the chandelier shines for them.

9.11 image.jpg